What is What ToDo?

What ToDo is a new task management application for MacOS X. Forget post-its stuck to the screen, no more ink scrawls on the palm of your hand — with What ToDo you'll be organized, stay focused and get more done. While it is geared towards the popular work-life management system Getting Things Done, What ToDo is designed to be flexible enough to be used for your own personal to-do system if GTD isn't your thing. To get more productive in your digital life, try What ToDo today.

Organize projects the way you want

Project organization in What ToDoWhat ToDo allows you to define projects and specify the actions needed to complete them. You can assign a context, like errands or email, to each action and view all the actions that can be completed in given context. Unlike most GTD applications, What ToDo lets you create subprojects to organize your tasks hierarchically. This is your to-do list — unlike other apps, What ToDo won't get in your way.

Easy navigation and organization

The shelfWith the Shelf, a convenient spot to store shortcuts to important projects and actions, you don't have to choose between ease of navigation and ease of organization. What ToDo's extensive spring-loaded drag and drop support makes moving to-do items a snap — refactoring your to-do lists has never been this easy!

.Mac syncing between multiple computers

Works with .macWhat ToDo now supports syncing between multiple computers with .Mac. Now you can share to do items between home and the office, or between your desktop and laptop. This requires a yearly .Mac subscription from Apple.

This is only the beginning

What ToDo is a brand new application. Your feedback will help squash bugs and determine what features are added for the next release. Send an email to feedback@objectivesatisfaction.com to tell me what you love — and what you hate.


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Requires MacOS X 10.4.9 or later.


Purchase IconPurchase What ToDo for only $29.
To buy with a credit card, simply launch the What ToDo application on your computer and choose "Purchase What ToDo..." from the What ToDo menu.


  • .Mac syncing
  • Extensive Drag and Drop support
  • Export to XML
  • Quicksilver integration
  • Automatic update

Screen Shots

  • View by Project
    Project View
  • View by Context
    Context View
  • View By Due Date
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